Best Location for your Business

CONCERT has 11 offices nationwide and is always evaluating locations for new ones. You can set up your business in an established CONCERT branch, or we can help you find an ideal individual location for it. Finding the right place for your business can be a time-consuming challenge. CONCERT will complete all the steps for you from selecting a site to securing furniture to setting up signage. You don’t have to worry about the details.

The Advantage of CONCERT Offices

Location. We constantly study and identify the best commercial areas for setting up offices. We evaluate sites for such factors as visibility, ease of parking, and favorable rents and leasing terms. We do all the research and legwork so you don’t have to.

Negotiation. You don’t have to worry about finding the best lease terms or the most economical rent. CONCERT does those types of negotiations for you. We know what Advisors need for setting up a successful business, and we make sure you have it on the best terms available.

Convenience. You won’t have to worry about anything. CONCERT will have your office set up and ready for business on Day 1. Your time is freed up to spend on your clients and business. Support. Your office will have a technology platform fully tested and installed before you open your business. You’ll be fully trained and comfortable with your computer and all the other tools you’ll be using. You’ll have marketing materials for your clients and associates that announce your new office and make it easy for them to contact you.